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do not know what time from the beginning, running has become a kind of fashion, it with the fire of the park's popularity, driven by running equipment sales, also brought out a special group -- Ceng run family.

2014 Beijing marathon will be shot in October. Now the organizing committee has begun to sign up. However, in some online forums running, running registration has begun with official registration.

due to sudden death tragedy players appear in this month 19 days of the "2014 Zhangjiakou Kangbao prairie International Marathon", and the dead is just a channel without formal registration rub runners, this is a wake-up call for the Organizing Committee and the North horse runners, rub run risk, don't let health run into killing health killer.

rubbing? Cause

runners have increased the number of competing places to meet the demand for

in recent years, the surge in the number of domestic long-distance runners, whether it is micro-blog or circle of friends, the sun, the sun line, running shoes drying results running friends There are plenty of people who. With the mass base, the game is natural. With the impetus of the long run tide, many kinds of long-distance race in China have become more and more.

can see Chinese according to data released by the National Athletic Association, this year a total of more than 30 Marathon (including half marathon) events, an increase over previous years, but even so, still unable to meet the growing demand of runners, almost every game in the number of people who are unable to meet the needs of applicants. In this case, the rubbing race came into being.

is easy to understand, referring to trying to get into the middle of the marathon without qualifying. Because of the length of the marathon race and the number of participants, this provides space for the runners.

"Legal Evening News" reporter interviewed for two consecutive years to participate in the Boston marathon and other major international and domestic competitions run Zhuang Chiyi, according to him, not only in the country, many of the world's marathon is run in the middle run rub, rub run, also has a name called "bandits run".

"in the famous Boston marathon for example, every year there are people in all the players starting after secretly followed the troops, but in the last year after the bombing, the organizing committee increased security efforts, pre inspection work more carefully, this year's competition basically to avoid such a situation." Zhuang Zhiyi said.

rubbing? Risk

has no health screening and no insurance claims
Despite the desire for a lot of runners to run on the field,
has also increased a lot of security risks.

according to the Convention, through formal channels for the players, are generally required to submit a health report at the time of registration, the organizing committee according to personnel screening, to ensure that all participants are participating in a healthy state, and will do as much as possible in the way of medical protective measures.

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