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PEAK has big moves in the NBA and us markets. February 17th (U.S. time February 16th), the NBA court in the ubiquitous Chinese sports brand in Losangeles has announced a strategic partnership with James, Wade and Bosh three giant Miami miami.

PEAK aims to work with the best teams in the world and the most aggressive players." PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua in the United States held the day of PEAK flagship store opening ceremony cum Miami Miami cooperation signing ceremony that the Miami heat is the world's most popular and best NBA team, PEAK hopes to help the aspirant for the NBA championship to win the team.

insiders said Miami signed with PEAK will further enhance its influence in China, while PEAK will also help Miami's high popularity, to enhance the brand influence, "this is a win-win choice."

2012-3-31 08:37 upload and download the attachment (178.21 KB) by legendary skateboarder Paul Rodriguez in charge of the skateboard shop brand Primitive and American street skateboard brand Vans latest version of the Half issued a joint cooperation in Cab Primitive help version, especially in the ankle part joined knitted details and side joined the metal plate design. Is expected to soon launch.

The Chinese Mountain Marathon series will start in June: running to the mountain, the road of extraordinary.

by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, sponsored by the Chinese mountaineering Mountaineering Association 2016 Chinese Mountain Marathon series will start in June, the first three races at the time and place are: June 5th, Hubei LiChuan Railway Station; June 19th Inner Mongolia and June 26th Heilongjiang Wulanchabu station, Tsitsihar Railway Station. The event is scheduled to hold 6-8 stations throughout the year.

according to the sponsor, the distance of the mountain marathon track is 42 km and a half distance of 21 km. At the same time, the contractors also set up a 4-9 kilometre Mini mountain horse route according to the situation of the competition routes, so as to provide more runners with the opportunity to participate in the experience. Unlike urban road marathons, most of the mountain marathons are carried out in mountainous environment, and runners will go through many terrain environments such as jungle, stream, meadow, etc., which have certain requirements for physical fitness and running skills of runners. But at the same time, Mountain Marathon 50 km above the relative or over one hundred kilometers cross-country running events, difficulty and lower line average altitude of climb or descent height is relatively gentle, very suitable for some of the road running, want to challenge themselves, in the mountain environment feel fun runners to run.

2016, the first event of China's mountain horse was held in Lichuan, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, southwest of Hubei in June 5th. The total number of participants is 2000, including two events, including the whole marathon and the mini Marathon (5.3 kilometers). The starting point in Lichuan Dongcheng white horse Queshan ecological agriculture sightseeing park, along the spot to Taiwan TENGLONGDONG scenic ring Longmen, two Longmen, three Longmen, the concept of color gorge, high rock village, and then to the Tuanbao cinnabar village, end point should be shadow town. The mini marathon is mainly in the white Queshan ecological agriculture sightseeing park. Then, in June 19th second races will be carried out in Wulanchabu Huitengxile grassland, runners will run at an altitude of 1800 meters high mountain meadow, through the birch trees, flowers. Third events will be conducted in Nianzishan District Qigihar city belongs to Greater Khingan Range East mountains in June 26th, the famous track way Nianzishan snakes mountain scenic area and acres of Forest Park. The registration of the three stations has been launched in early May. More details about the registration and events are available on the official website of the event:

runs to the mountain, and the extraordinary Road, the variety of the mountain environment will bring different experiences for the runners who participate in the mountain marathon. China Mountain Marathon series has a certain foundation to encourage the running of runners, and many were willing to challenge themselves, hope to get more positive energy sports fans through the movement, through the mountain marathon experience self release and success. At the same time, we hope that through the organization of the mountain marathon, the runners will feel the beauty of the mountains and rivers in China, feel the beauty of the natural and cultural beauty, advocate the awareness of environmental protection, and create the most authoritative, professional and professional Chinese.

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